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Why having Health Insurance is a Life Hack?

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Do you know that the average cost for a 3-day Hospital stay is around $30,000? or that a broken leg can cost up to $7,500? Do you have that amount sitting around to be able to pay those expensive medical costs? If not keep reading.

Exploring your options

Health Insurance is something that we don't think about until something already happened. Getting sick, or having an accident are events that besides being scary they don't need to be also an economical burden to you or your family. A licensed agent can guide you in comparing Health plans or help you pre-qualify to see if you are a good fit for ACA Health Insurance (Obamacare) a Medicare Advantage Plan or any supplemental plans that can lessen your medical expenses.

Protection from high medical costs

Where most people can qualify are through ACA Health Insurance Plan from the Health Insurance Marketplace, you could get Hospital Stay as low as $200 per day (savings of 5000%) of course your copays could vary depending on your household situation, and the type of plan selected, but nevertheless, you get huge savings for every type of procedure or medical attention you need.

The High Cost of not Preventing

Through a Health Plan you get preventive medicine included, on which you can do your annuals for an affordable price and find possible early signs of an affection that could get worse later on, possibly saving you up to tens of thousands of dollars by taking care of this issue early.

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